Someone calling a white person ‘wonder bread’ isn’t racist. It’s rude, but it’s not racist. Wonder bread as an offensive term has no weight, no meaning. It’s just something to push your buttons. Using the N-word is racist - it has meaning and weight and brings up a past that should’ve never happened. The comparison between rude and racist is like squares and rectangles - every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Every racist comment you hear is rude, but not every rude comment you hear is racist.
from an in-class debate about white supremacy (via seehowtame)


Guy on Tinder: “Do you eat ass?”
Girl on Tinder: “Yes” 



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My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark // Vitamin String Quartet

i beg your pardon


this show is so important to me


john oliver is really not fucking around 

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Disney’s Queen Elsa Frozen - Inspired Makeup Tutorial & Disney’s Princess Anna Frozen - Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Ellend Muzzakky

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